Susan Schafer PhD, LP, EMDRIA Certified Trainer and Approved Consultant and associates are offering EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapy Basic Training and consultation for the integration of this highly effective approach into clinical practice. 

This training program offers complete basic training in EMDR therapy (including the EMDRIA* required 10 hours of consultation) through lectures, practicum experience and exercises.   It has been designed to spread learning and skill development over four two-day modules (Friday and Saturday) within a three month period of time.  With this clinically focused training format, there are more opportunities for review, consultation and repeated practice of key  conceptual and clinical skills to solidify learning.

The training program is designed and structured to fully prepare you to integrate EMDR into your clinical practice and is committed to exceeding EMDRIA standards for basic training in EMDR.  Our commitment is to provide a respectful, supportive cohort learning environment to build a consortium of EMDR professionals.

This model also elaborates on topics including trauma brain, extended resourcing, attachment and dissociation which helps in safely working with more dysregulated clients for trauma processing.

Click here for EMDRIA requirements to be trained in EMDR:


Workshop Dates:  Spring 2019

March  8-9,

March 22-23
April 26-27 
May 10-11

Attendance at all dates is required.  Once registered, registration fees will be refunded in total if cancellation occurs prior to 30 days in advance of the training.  Within 30 days of the training 75% of the fees will be refunded.  Once the training begins fees will not be refunded. 


Registration:   $1,795:  Checks can be made out to : 

                        Midwest Center EMDR   

                        233 Groveland Avenue South

                        Minneapolis, MN 55419


                        Payments of 1795. can be paid through Venmo (Bank to bank app).  No processing fees.

                        If paying by credit card, fees apply. 

                        Contact Susan Schaefer at:  612-870-0965

Training Location:

 Northland Center

 3600 American Blvd. West

 Minneapolis, MN. 55431


Additional Information:

The equivalent of 50 CEUs will be awarded at the completion of this training.

*Midwest Center's Basic Training is approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA, the governing body of the USA EMDR community). Midwest Center is committed to exceeding EMDRIA's standards for basic training in EMDR.

For more information and registration go to:

          EMDR Therapy Basic Training

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