Additional Information:​

The equivalent of 50 CEUs will be awarded at the completion of this training.

*Midwest Center's Basic Training is approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA, the governing body of the USA EMDR community). Midwest Center is committed to exceeding EMDRIA's standards for basic training in EMDR.


Two Spring 2024 Training Options:

February 23-24
March 8-9
April 12-13
May 10-11

*Attendance at all dates is required.
Times: 9am-4:30pm (zoom link opens at 8:30 to work out any tech issues)

To Register, Please fill out the form  HERE.

This is a virtual training.

In Person (location to be announced- twin cities metro):
March 22-23
April 26-27
May 24-25
June 7-8
*Attendance at all dates is required.
Times: 9am-4:30pm

To Register, Please fill out the form  HERE.

Fall 2024 Training Dates:
Dates to be announced Spring 2024

About This Training:

This training program offers complete Basic EMDR training in EMDR therapy, including the EMDRIA* required 10 hours of consultation, lecutres, practicum experience and exercises.

The training has been designed to spread the learning and skill development over four 2-day training modules (Friday and Saturday), within a 3-4 month period of time. This allows for more opportunities for practice of EMDR with clients between training weekends, review, consultation, repeated practice of key conceptual and clinical skills to solidify learning.

The training is designed and structured to fully prepare you to integrate EMDR therapy into your clinical practice and is committed to exceeding EMDRIA standards for basic training in EMDR. Our committment is to provide a respectful, supportive cohort learning environment to build a consortium of EMDR profressionals.

This model also elaborates on topics of the neurobiology of trauma, complex trauma, dissociation, and the multiple ways trauma presents in the lives of our clients, including cultural adaptations of EMDR.

Participants accepted into the training who decide not to attend the training prior to 30 days before the training begins will be given a full refund minus any credit card processing costs. Participants who decide not to attend the training within a 30-day window of the training will be given a refund only if a replacement trainee is secured. 

Susan Schaefer, PhD, LP, and Sue Evans, MA, LP, co-founders of Midwest Center for EMDR Training and Therapy, developed the original training curriculum. Sue Evans passed away in 2016, but her spirit lives on through this training. Susan Schaefer continues on as the curriculum developer, curator, and licensor of the training. Without Susan and Sue, this training would not be what it is today.

EMDR Therapy Basic Training

2024 Trainings


Information about this training can be found below and at the New Midwest Center for EMDR Training Website, where you can also learn about our team of trainers and consultants as well as additional training offerings.

ADA and Inclusion Policy:
Midwest Center for EMDR Training is an equal opportunity training that offers an inclusive space to learn. Trainees from all backgrounds are welcome including age, gender and gender expression, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and ability. We value all trainees. If you require assistance, have questions, or concerns regarding the training and your needs, we request a 30-day advance notice for accommodation requests to allow us to work with you to make reasonable accommodations to support your learning. Please contact us by submitting this request in writing to Patti Miller via email:

To Register, Please fill out the forms here:

Virtual Form.

In Person Form.

Cost: $1,795

Payment Options:

1. Checks can be made out to: Midwest Center for EMDR Training for $1,795​, address for checks listed in registration form. Email Patti if you need the address at

2. Venmo (bank app): $1,795 payment can be paid through Venmo without processing fees. @Patti-Miller-51

3. Credit Card via Stripe: Credit card fees apply (3%). Payment plans available.

Why Take THIS EMDR Basic Training?

There are a few things that make our training different:

1. Trainers: We have 4 EMDRIA Approved Trainers involved in the training. As a group we have decades of experience using EMDR and working with clients. All four trainers have specialties allowing you to get more specialized feedback and information on using EMDR with various issues and populations. We keep our training fresh and up to date by making improvements and updates every training cycle to ensure trainees are getting engaging and important instruction and information. The four trainers are: Patti Miller, MA, LP (Training Director), Andrea Patten, MSW, LICSW, Angela Delfiacco, MA, LMFT, and Ashley Myhre, MA, LMFT. There may also be additional consultants involved in the training.

2. Consultation: EMDRIA requires 10 hours of consultation to be completed as part of the basic training. We build these hours into our training days and cost.

3. Connection: As trainers, we're also EMDR consultants and offer regular, ongoing individual and group consultation opportunities. You'll build relationships with us throughout the training that you can continue to maintain and benefit from post-training as you bolster your EMDR skills, or even pursue credentials as an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist.

4. Values: Our values of Authenticity, Connection, and Community, are on display and inform everything about your training, from how we structure our days to how we interact one-on-one. We care about your success and you can feel it.

This EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training program is hosted by the Training Director of Midwest
Center for EMDR Training, Patti Miller, MA, LP, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Basic Trainer