Consultation and Training Services 

The Midwest Center for EMDR Training and Therapy continues to offer consultation and training services both locally and nationally to therapists of all levels of training.  These include consultation services for individual practitioners, clinics, treatment programs and medical facilities.

Consultation is offered for mental health and chemical dependency practitioners with general or specialty practices, as well as those therapists who are specifically interested in EMDR consultation.

For therapists formerly trained in EMDR, consultation is focused on best practices using the Adaptive Information Processing Model along with special case adaptations to ensure the greatest efficacy for cases presented.  Many therapists formerly trained in EMDR report not being comfortable in using the model, expressing a desire to learn it in ways that allow them to feel more confident in its application. 

We teach the theoretical context upon which specific protocols are applied thus allowing consultees to walk through their individual cases which promotes a better understanding of the basis of EMDR.  Assessing clients appropriate for trauma processing, setting up protocols properly and identifying methods for moving passed blocks in processing, often brings training information alive for clinicians who wish to become more proficient in the use of EMDR.

Examples of the type of therapy and or consultation services provided previously include but are not limited to first responders and or survivors of:

    35 W Bridge Collapse
    Hurricane Katrina
    Boston Marathon Bombing
    Newtown  Shooting (Sandyhook)                            
    Plane/Car Crashes, House Fire          
    Armed and Physical Assaults
    Childhood Neglect, Physical and/or Sexual Assault
    Domestic Abuse
    PTSD experienced by Veteran’s of Five Different Wars
    PTSD Caused by Mistaken Identity Injury
    School Bullying
    Acute Stress Related to Sexual Harassment or Other Hostile Work Environments