The philosophy at The Midwest Center for EMDR Training and Therapy rests on the driving principle of collaboration to encourage the best environment for problem solving, healing and achieving outcomes.

Collaboration is three-fold:
First, collaborating with clients by listening carefully and respectfully to the values, unique history and knowledge each person brings to their therapy;

Secondly, collaborating with the primary therapists of clients referred for specific expertise in areas of specialization, maintaining the therapeutic relationship with their primary therapists, while seeking adjunctive therapy;

Thirdly, collaborating behind the scenes with a network of veteran therapists locally and nationally, adding further depth and breadth to the therapy provided.

The Midwest Center for EMDR Training and Therapy provides therapy for individuals, couples and families based on a holistically practice with attention to mind, body and spirit.  Often this may include attention to lifestyle, nutrition, mindfulness/meditation practices, social support, intellectual stimulation and skills development in achieving a greater sense of balance and peaceful integration of the multi-faceted aspects of one’s life.  This includes incorporating a wide variety of therapies (EMDR being one of these) garnered over decades of clinical practice, tailored to the needs of clients with whom we have therapeutic alliances.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Susan Schaefer PhD, LP at or 612-870-0965