Susan Schaefer Education


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology             Awarded with distinction.

Saybrook Institute

June 26, 1991

M.A., Psychology                           

University of Minnesota

Dec. 1978

Chemical Dependency                   Coursework completed with highest distinction award.

Counselor Training Program

University of Minnesota

Dec. 1976

B.A., Psychology                           Graduated summa cum laude.

University of Minnesota

Aug. 1974

Licensure/Certification               EMDRIA Approved Trainer for Level 1 and 2 Basic EMDR Training  

                                                                  Awarded January 2013

                                                   EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved  Consultant

                                                             Awarded Jan. 7, 2000

                                                   Licensed Psychologist

                                                            Awarded June 5, 1981

                                                   Certified Chemical Dependency Practitioner

                                                            Awarded Sept. 8, 1980

Research Activities                     American Psychological Association Award:

                                                   National First Place Award for Research on

                                                   Psychotherapy with Women (1988)

2009 – Present                             Conducted research on the efficacy of intensive

                                                   EMDR treatment for complex trauma.

                                                   First stage of research presented at the annual

                                                   EMDRIA Conference, Oct. 2010 (Alter-Reid, Evans, Schaefer)

1979 – 1988                                  Conducted and published private research related to

                                                               chemically dependent women and sexuality.

1973 – 1978                                  Member of the research team – Project Competence

                                                              Directed by schizophrenia researcher, Dr.

                                                              Norman Garmezy, at the University of Minnesota.

                                                              This research focused on studying the psychological

                                                              and psychophysiological characteristics of

                                                              children at risk for psychopathology.

                                                              Co-authored two monographs as a result of this

                                                              research which were selected by Harvard

                                                              psychologist, Brendan Maher, for publication in

                                                              his annual volume of the foremost contributions

                                                              to personality research.

Awards, Scholarships                  APA Research Award (Division 35) (1988)

                                                   Allis Scholarship, University of Minnesota (1973)

                                                   Creighton University Scholarship (1971)

                                                   Creighton University Scholarship (1970)