Susan Schaefer Experience 


Psychologist                               Psychologist in the physical and sexual abuse program of a                                                               community mental health center.  Facilitated groups

Relate Counseling Center             for adolescents and adults. Provided individual, couples

                                                   and family therapy. Jan. 1981 – Jan. 1983

Program Manager                      Appointed program manager of a women’s outpatient

                                                 chemical dependency treatment program, one of the first

Chrysalis Outpatient                   NIAA-funded programs for women.

Treatment Program                    Supervised staff, served as staff liaison to state and federal funders.                                     Active in marketing, community training and outreach.               

May – July 1978, 1979                   


Feb. – Aug. 1980

Adjunct Assistant Professor       Faculty: Chemical Dependency Family Treatment Program                    St. Mary’s Junior College            Sept. 1984 – Jan. 1983

Therapist                                   Carried full client caseload, facilitated treatment

                                                  groups and coordinated the lecture series.

Chrysalis Chemical                      Trained and supervised interns.

Dependency Treatment               Conducted research to improve outcomes.

Program - Aug. 1976 – Jan. 1981

Instructor                                  Responsible for testing and assigning grades to 500 students    

Teaching Associate                    annually.  Carried a full student-advising load.
                                                  Participated in a grant awarded by the Center for University of                                                         Minnesota
 Education Program

Teaching Assistant                           

Social and Behavioral                  Coordinated a tutorial program, trained and supervised                                                             psychology tutors.

Science Program                        


Sept. 1975 – June 1978               Developed audio-visual teaching materials, revised curriculum, 

                                                 authored a tutoring manual.